Cats to Rule the World…….

Cats Eyes

Cats Eyes (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I was awoken this morning by a heartwarming announcement.

There is a population explosion of cats in New Zealand.    What wonderful news.

Those idiots who write the news clips thought that it was all due to the Rugby World Cup!  They said that people were  short of cash after the Global Financial Crisis and had spent so much money on Cup tickets that they could no longer afford to neuter their pets.     What utter rubbish.

An increased population is clearly the first step in a Cat colonisation of these islands.     To hell with my short lived fantasy of offering to be a travelling Cuddlee for distressed diplomats.       I’m off to chat to Moonbeam, the Prime Ministerial feline, to see how we furry celestials can take advantage of this phenomenon.

My only concern, and it is a serious one, is that the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has closed its doors to stray kittens and that too many of those orphaned kits will grow up feral,unwanted,  under-educated and unskilled.     Rather the same as some slaves do.


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