The New World Order………

I am going to tell Moonbeam, the Prime Ministerial cat, that our quest to find a better system of government for the world (or at the very least New Zealand) is doomed to fail.    Human beings are just too limited in their approach to such things.   I spent part of the weekend researching the topic and what I discovered depressed me so much I gave up.

Star with five points, outline as Unicode U+2606

Image via Wikipedia

A Russian gentleman, along with a Greek, an American and a few others wants to establish a world government resembling a five pointed star.   He thinks there should be two main parties with three swinging centrist parties which by moving their support to the centre on all policies would create stability.   He seems not to realise that humans, being human,  would split the so-called middle into more opinions and parties than a centipede has legs.

Traditional pajamas for sleeping.

Image via Wikipedia

Then there was the woman who spends her time obsessing over wearing pyjamas all day long and worries that this habit might destroy civilisation.   She should visit Eygpt where the custom is widespread – no on second thoughts, if she does she might find that pyjama wearing is indeed leading to chaos, death and destruction.    Which makes you think doesn’t it.

However, both these weird examples were surpassed by the person who  thinks that breeding blue dahlias will save the world and that everyone should devote five hours a day to the pursuit.  As my old mother used to say “There’s one born every minute”   and finally I find myself agreeing with her.

From now on I shall revert to the proper interests of Catdom,  i.e. indifference to all others, a  passion for physical comfort, an overwhelming sense of entitlement,  a cynical distrust of the world and everything in it and an all- consuming belief in myself.

Oh,  I forgot to mention the importance of food and the fact that greed is good.


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