Endangered Black Footed African Kitten Born…..

Huddling indoors out of a freezing southerly today I’ve managed to get my paws on the keyboard to search for another theme in the hope that will solve my linkage woes.

Here is my new theme.   I don’t like my heavily pixellated face but have to say I’m rather pleased about the multitude of Meness in the background……. but enough about me – it’s time to see if a link will work…..

Although there are about 10,000 blackfooted African cats left in the wild, they are regarded as endangered.     However,  clever zoo staff have found a solution.   A feline goddess gave birth to a ferocious little godlet and you can read about it on this link  and watch a video:

Black footed African kitten born to surrogate mother cat


2 thoughts on “Endangered Black Footed African Kitten Born…..

  1. I want to take her home. Can you imagine her sitting on my window sill and that nasty squirrel tries to break in again. Just one hiss from her and that squirrel would die of fright.

    Plus she is cute. Not as cute as you, but cute.

  2. Agree she looks as though she needs a home rather better than that sanitised box Your window sill would be perfect but I fear for the sanity of Kara Marque Two as well as your delinquent squirrel home invaders. I think Crystal is going to grow up a real toughie.

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