Is Royalty Really Useful?………

The funeral of King George Tupuou V of Tonga will be held in Nuku’alofa tomorrow at a cost of at least NZ$1 million only a few years after his coronation which was said to cost $2.5 million.   This in a nation which is not exactly the financial high spot of the South Pacific.   Most Tongans eke out a subsistence living on their  islands and since the streets of New Zealand seem “paved with gold” they migrate to South Auckland or Porirua in Wellington where they find low wages and a high cost of living.   Like so many economic refugees from poor countries they then  send money home to the islands to support family still living there.   I don’t criticise this, indeed I think such family love and  loyalty is admirable.   But.

One has to ask.   Can a struggling nation afford the pomp of a lavish  funeral so soon after an  OTT coronation in 2008.  Especially as the money probably comes from tax-payer generated aid grants from other countries.

Apart from the practical issue there is the bigger question of the worth of royalty at all.   Why should anyone step into  a privileged position just because they happen to be the child of a particular person.    Just think about it because it doesn’t seem right does it?

Slaves seem to need someone to look up to and although that makes sense on one level (slaves being inherently feeble and inadequate) on another it makes no sense at all. If slaves were fully developed creatures they would have confidence in their own ideas and performance and not need external belief systems to answer the question “Why am I here?”

External belief systems such as religious creeds or external super egos like an aristocracy or the armed services are found in nearly all societies and have been from time immemorial.  Such ideas are created to teach people how to live and what to believe.

When slaves have  finished evolving they’ll have found a better way.


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