Flying Goddess and her Bad Bad Slave

When Sugar’s slave opened a window in her 19th floor apartment, this intrepid goddess decided to see more of the world and jumped out into open space.    Being  a cat she had the presence of mind to relax and adopt a flying squirrel-like spreadeagle position so she could glide (well sort of) to the ground.

Luckily Sugar landed in a patch of soft mulch and has not suffered any serious harm apart from some bruising and a cut lip.

Her slave should have remembered that cats, especially white ones, are prone to sudden grandiose delusions and that seeing an open window Sugar was likely to  think that she could fly.

I’m glad to hear that said window now has a screen so Sugar can  forgive her slave and use her next eight lives  in some other way.


1 thought on “Flying Goddess and her Bad Bad Slave

  1. Poor Sugar. Her slave never gives her the good cat food, never lets her have catnip and no Kitty Crack. No wonder she jumped!

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