Planet Under Pressure and the Plastic Age……….

First there was the Stone Age, then the Bronze Age followed by the Iron Age.     Our own time will probably be named the Plastic Age.

There have been news reports of the  emergence of the Anthropocene, i.e a geological period created and influenced by human activity, since early this century.   There is no real agreement as to just when this new era began but it is likely to have coincided with the rise of agriculture followed by massive population increase and consequent permanent change to eco-systems.

The most recent reference to the Anthropocene is in the Sunday Times of March 22nd.  At first I thought they were rehashing old news but then I realised that the article was linked to next week’s Planet under Pressure Conference in London.     Live web streaming and a youth forum shows it is like all other gabfests.   This time delegates will discuss such worthy topics as  global poverty, food security, human rights and climate change.

Will it make a difference?    I doubt it.       Not as much as if they had stayed home cultivating their own gardens instead of burning all that aviation fuel getting there.



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