The Idea of Monarchy is in Decline……….

I didn’t think I’d find support for my belief in the decline of monarchical systems quite so quickly.

The late King George Tupou V of Tonga worked hard to move his island nation from an old-fashioned absolute monarchy towards democracy.   Unfortunately, no-one foresaw the effect this would have upon his funeral where the majority of the attendees were   invited guests and those officiating.     The grieving crowds who had flocked to his father’s obsequies six short years ago were nowhere to be seen and the grounds around the royal tombs were half empty.     In other words, most ordinary Tongans didn’t bother.

A court official maintained this was because the funeral had been limited to only a week  in order to save money and many had not been able to travel to Nuku’olofa at short notice but I suspect he was putting on a brave face.

The facts are obvious   Once democracy takes root and everyone sees themselves as the equal of any other person an outdated system like monarchy and its accompanying aristocracy are bound to shrivel and eventually die as no-one can see the point.

I agree that this theory begs the question of whether all slaves really are equal.  Personally I think that those who feed and pamper cats regularly demonstrate a far higher level of personhood than those who don’t.

When it come to monarchies this picture is instructive:

Map of the current sovereign monarchs in the W...

Map of the current sovereign monarchs in the World Absolute Monarchy Semi-constitutional Monarchy Constitutional Monarchy Commonwealth Realm Sub-state Monarchy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once upon a time nearly all this map was coloured and  I predict that within a decade Tongan royalty will be  purely ceremonial with few rights or privileges attached to it.


3 thoughts on “The Idea of Monarchy is in Decline……….

  1. You are wrong my dear Pompuss. The idea of Monarchy is alive and well. For every slave knows who his or her King or Queen is. The purrfect monarch has 4 paws, fur and purrrs.

  2. 🙂 🙂 Thank you Findalis. I’m so glad that someone recognises the facts of life. Must try and photoshop myself with crown and regalia.

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