Update on Mr Ginger Tom…….

I think we all knew (see my post of March 8) that  Mr Ginger Tom looked less than thrilled about being clutched to the bosom of Ms Mona Lisa.  I’ve discovered why

Obviously Mr GT was catnapped during one of his unscheduled sprints down a London street and forced to sit for that portrait. Once he could escape he dashed straight back to his personal slave and their shared happy life busking round Covent Garden.

A heartwarming tale. Actually if I hadn’t been told by the press that Mr GT is in fact Bob I’d have thought he was Red Rufus, my semi feral, tree climbing, banana eating feline pal from down the road.

However it can’t be Rufus in this story as I know that the Red Terror is currently incarcerated in the local Clinic for Wayward Pets (dreadful place) while his slaves cavort in flood ravaged Fiji. It serves them right that Nadi Airport was closed this morning so they’ll be late returning home but it is tough on Rufus who will have to endure further mistreatment at the pet gulag. The facilities there are so bad that Animal Health and Safety should investigate inmmediately.

I’ve told Rufus that he needs to train his slaves properly but he doesn’t listen. Mine only parked me in the CfWPs once and I sulked for two months before I forgave them….well sort of. That taught them that I should only be left in the most superior of temporary boarding facilities and I have holidayed in luxury ever since.


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