Stop Press…..Easter Lilies Can Kill Cats………

I wish I had been able to post this warning sooner and hope that no cat has been poisoned by lack of knowledge.

A researcher has discovered that popular Easter lily varieties are toxic to felines.

Whilst I’m too well fed to bother chewing, or even licking, lily leaves I do like patting the flowers so all that orange pollen falls off. The slave gets so irritated when she sees the mess and she never guesses that it was me who did it.

My links still aren’t working every time (Sigh) so it looks as though I’ve got more work to do…….


4 thoughts on “Stop Press…..Easter Lilies Can Kill Cats………

  1. Glad that I am Jewish. We don’t keep Easter Lilies. But the Grand Kitty loved my Gefilte Fish, the chicken soup and the turkey. Made sure she didn’t get bones. She left purrrring and content.

    Every kitty needs a Jewish Grandmother.

  2. Lucky lucky Grandkitty. Wish I had a Jewish grannie.
    Am at the weekender with the slaves and we are enduring a plague of rats who are seeking shelter as autumn advances. Nothing has worked, not poison, not electric zappers, not even a classy device which emits high frequency sound waves designed to be unheard by humans and cats and guaranteed to drive rats away. All of these have proved to be pure snake oil, so the slaves recognising that one cat, however talented, can’t be expected to cope alone, are resorting to a simple wire cage and a bucket of water. The rest of Easter should be fun.

      • Thank you Findalis. I’ll be a very good grand kit.
        You’ve filled my feline heart with pride as I ‘m now on a par with our Prime Minister. His mother was Jewish so he must have had a Jewish Grandmother too.

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