Raticide Galore……….

Keeping well clear of the Easter lilies I am having a wonderfully entertaining long weekend.

We are out at the farm and when the slaves settled down to a stiff gin watching the sunset last Thursday evening there was a loud rustling and scampering up and down an inside wall. He slave banged the wall with a newspaper to frighten the intruders but those rats were having such a party that they ignored him and rustled and scampered for at least another five minutes.

Poison, electric zappers and even an up-market electronic device which emits very high frequency sounds guaranteed to drive rodents insane have all failed in the Endless Rodent Hunt. The slaves recognise that I can’t be expected to cope all on my own so they’ve resorted to the simple and old fashioned.

Overnight up in the roof they put a small steel cage baited with a piece of bacon and a large bucket of water awaits.

So far that hasn’t worked either……


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