A Guaranteed Rat Killer…….

The slaves are jubilant.   At last they’ve managed to catch (some of) the rats that party in the walls.

It’s primitive:

caged rat


but effective when cage meets bucket:

rat's end

So far the strike rate is three out of five. Not very impressive. However  it has been more successful than poison, spring-traps or the high frequency sound emitter which supposedly drives rodents crazy.

I’m sitting back enjoying the extermination of small furry creatures but I predict that the rats will soon apply their native cunning and even fewer will be forced to take the plunge.

Talking of small furry creatures – I really don’t like  the speculative way in which one of my slaves eyes me as he lowers the cage into the bucket……..but perhaps he’s just teasing.


2 thoughts on “A Guaranteed Rat Killer…….

  1. I thought that was your job Pompuss. Do you want your slaves to replace you with a cage that catches rodents and doesn’t need to be fed?

  2. No, the Great Cat knows I don’t want to be replaced and that I’m more than prepared to pull my (not inconsiderable) weight in the Endless Vermin Hunt.
    Unfortunately the neighbours shot the stray cats that lived in the old hay barn and now, as autumn temperatures drop and rodents seek warmth indoors, ,everyone is complaining of being overrun by rats and mice. I hope those murdering neighbours are especially beseiged.
    I do my best to control things at our place but I’m only at the weekend cottage for two nights a week and much as it pains me to admit it, I can’t do it all.
    I refuse to believe that the slaves would replace me with a cage and bucket but fear I may have to forget about pride in my own divinity and turn on my best purr and snuggle act.

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