Where Oh Where is Planet Cat?…………

Earlier this month Dr Ronald Breslow of Colombia University  suggested that life forms based on slightly different amino acids and sugars could have evolved on other planets and that humankind might be better off not meeting them.

On other worlds ferocious dinosaur creatures could have evolved human-like intelligence and technologies, giving them all of the advantages of scientific progress whilst retaining a taste for raw meat.

The amino acids, sugars, DNA and RNA found in life forms can be of two orientations, right or left, and different shapes.   Apart from a few bacteria, the amino acids found in life on Earth all have the same orientation as do the sugars.   However it would need only a tiny tweak to these building blocks for a very different life form to grow.

For humans to see themselves as the pinnacle of creation is the height of intellectual arrogance when it is entirely feasible  that alternatives could have developed elsewhere.

I am fascinated by all this and have a question I’d like to put to Professor Breslow.

If there’s a chance that dinosaurs could have a planet to themselves, does he think it possible that cats might too.      If so, I want to go there and see what it is like.

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2 thoughts on “Where Oh Where is Planet Cat?…………

  1. The inhabitants of Planet Cat are too busy chasing mice, playing with balls of yarn and going after the nip dealers to look for other planets.

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