At Long Last….Pike River Families Move On……..

Tonight our nation mourns with the friends and...

Tonight our nation mourns with the friends and families of the 29 miners who lost their lives in the Pike River Mine Tragedy, Greymouth, New Zealand, 24 Nov. 2010. [Explore] (Photo credit: PATARIKA)

It’s taken a 18 months but at long last the families of the men killed in the Pike River mine explosions of November 2010 have conceded that they will probably never be able to have their bodies brought out of the mine.

Hopefully they will accept a memorial at the site and no longer threaten to disrupt any future mining there thus sabotaging progress and new jobs in New Zealand.

I can see that it has been difficult for them to move on emotionally as they foolishly believed a politician’s half promise that their men would be returned to them.  However, a moment’s rational reflection should have told them that it is far too dangerous to allow rescue workers to go into a  mine which could easily explode again if oxygen got down the shafts.

I still maintain that the greens are culpable because they made such a fuss that the government wouldn’t allow an opencast mine but insisted on a sloping tunnel with poor ventilation.    Modern mining techniques could have created a safe opencast environment and  replaced the flora and fauna at the end of the mine’s productive life.      A far better outcome than killing 29 men.      Isn’t it odd that no-one blames the green movement for their deaths….. Humans can be so silly………


Spellcheck Time for Cats…………………

To my horror, I noticed only the other day that I had misspelled ‘opinionated’ on the header of my blog. I’ve fixed it now but it worries me that I may have lost readers who didn’t bother coming back because they thought I was illiterate.

On the other hand most slaves only see what they expect to see so maybe it doesn’t matter. Tell me the truth. Had you noticed?

p.s. Actually I suspect a dog cyberlurks around WordPress and it changed my header while I wasn’t looking.

An Almost Endangered Cat………..

I’ve been sent this photo of the magnificent Pallas cat, native of the Tibetan plateau and Central Asia.

Weighing between 4.5 and 10 kg these beautiful creatures are roughly the size of a domestic cat but look much larger because of their stocky build and thick long fur.    They are close to being listed as endangered because they hunted for their  fur and their body parts are sought after for traditional medicines.   Fortunately the Russian  authorities have made this illegal and seek to protect them from shrinking  habitat  and the poison intended for vermin.

Believed to be the oldest living member of the cat family they evolved over 10 million years ago and some experts think that since they have long hair, a stocky build, small ears and a flattened face , they may be the ancestors of today’s Persian cats.

I don’t think this can be true as we are not as wild and untameable as the Pallas.    We Persians like living in comfort with our slaves to tend us.     I don’t think the savage cat in the picture would have much patience with slavekind, in fact I’m sure he would  steer well clear of them.

This Youtube video is more to a Persian’s taste: What a good slave……..

Righteous Uproar over Cat and dog Tax……….

It’s always fun to see politicians making fools of themselves and this news item gave me great satisfaction.

Next they’ll be trying to tax pet goldfish and tortoises.   And hamsters, and gerbils, and white mice.

Perhaps if politicians tried really, really hard not to spend so much of other people’s money they would be able to live within their means and wouldn’t need to find new ways of taxing the population .

Everybody Knows that Dogs are Dirty…….

And yesterday the proof was parked just down the  street from our house……

I’m offended that the filthy curs were being washed on my street.   Surely the slaves who drag round DOGS 1 could have done it somewhere that didn’t lower the tone of my neighbourhood.

Those misguided dogwashers show their ignorance by having a sign that says “Cats also welcome “.     Someone should tell them that cats are naturally hygienic and because we come equipped with self cleansing kits we can look after ourselves and don’t need to be bathed in the street.

The Slideshow mentioned on Monday the 14th…….

Now I’ve got my paws on the keyboard for half an hour I hope I’m smart enough to embed this because it is definitely worth a look…….whether you enjoy foie gras or not……….–&wmdsx=510&wmdsy=320&f_crp=t&cfsx=1280&cfsy=780<!–
Force-Feeding of Geese for Foie Gras, France – Images by Rebecca Marshall

‘© South of France photographer Rebecca Marshall’