Dinosaurs and Vegetarians………..

I’ve just emerged from a lengthy hibernation in the hot water cupboard  (autumn is coolish  round here) to find that the Googleverse is full of articles which postulate that the methane emissions of the dinosaurs 150 million years ago could have been a major cause of ancient global warming and a contributory factor in their disappearance.

Researchers at Liverpool John Moores University have set up a mathematical model which shows how much methane  billions of dinosaurs would have produced during the Mesozoic era.    The figures suggest that the dinosaurs by themselves may have farted and burped out more methane than the modern world produces from all sources and that is why the planet was so much warmer then.

Methane is a by product of digestion in the gut of all animals and vegetarian dinosaurs who munched on anything green and leafy were particularly prolific emitters of the gas.  Far more so presumably than the meat eating Mr T Rex.

Carnivores like myself do little harm to the atmosphere  in the 21st century but there is one obvious question which no-one has asked…..

Should vegetarianism be banned in order to save  planet Earth?


6 thoughts on “Dinosaurs and Vegetarians………..

  1. I appreciate your mix of science and humour! And I will read the links you put about the decline of dinosaurs.
    Thank you for this post,
    By the way, yesterday an Italian newspaper published some pictures of a woman attacked by one (ore more?) cheetahs inside a safari guest farm (unclear) while her husband was taking a picture…. She was only bruised though….I am very suspicious of those news….They are only a scoop, but they are damaging the image of the cheetah ( and of other predators) while they do not underline the silly behaviour of some tourists….a cheetah is not a pet!

    • No a cheetah in NOT a pet. It is a lovely cat that needs to be protected. Now Pompuss is a pet, and a very cherished one too.

      • Hang on a minute. I’ve always thought I am a god. Cherished yes, but a pet no.

    • It’s such a pity people will read news articles uncritically and assume the cheetah(s) was/were dangerous. Perhaps they only wanted to play? Or be affectionate and be stroked? I wonder what was the woman doing when the cheetah(s) supposedly ‘attacked’. Did she provoke them?
      Purrs from Pompuss

  2. Since Dinosaurs were cool-blooded, so-called Global Warming would have been a boom to them. Since the warming would not cool down the planet, wouldn’t it have increased their numbers not decrease them?

    So much for Dinosaur farts.

    • Can’t fault your logic. A warmer planet would indeed have led to more action, including reproduction, by the dinosaurs.
      Thank the Great Cat for the meteor strike else we’d all be T Rex fodder.

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