When Supporting Animal Rights becomes Cultural Insensitivity …….

Gavage d'oies

Gavage d’oies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I know that some people do not  find this  a pretty sight but geese and ducks are such total slug-guts that who knows, they so they might even enjoy the process. Up the coast the neighbour’s geese often come visiting in search of a little extra food and having devoured everything in sight depart leaving the most appalling mess behind.    Their dumpage is incredible and until the slave gets to work with the hose I have to be very careful where I tread.

In Wellington animal rightists are determined to deny Francophiles the taste of foie gras.

A local restaurant which has this delicacy on the menu is regularly picketed by a chanting, banner waving, pamphlet distributing rent-a-mob.

By doing what they think is right the protesters are doing something  wrong.   Surely they are being culturally insensitive in  wishing to prevent M. Bedel, the French restauranteur, showcasing French food to which he and his fellow countrymen have a deep cultural attachment.

Personally I think the stuff is vastly over-rated.    The she slave once gave me some on a piece of toast and after only one lick I decided that the toast was far tastier, so I ate it and left the foie gras in my bowl.

The blog on this site has an excellent slideshow of gavage d’oies posted in December 2011.


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