Stop Press….Feline Curfew……

I woke this morning to dreadful news.   Somewhere in the far north a local council intends to impose a night-time curfew on all felines in an attempt to stop them mating.

Yes, you read that correctly.   Ludicrous isn’t it.    They might as well try and impose a curfew on frisky humans to stop them mating.

I’m confident that cats will find a way.    The thing that really worries me however is what those council killjoys intend to do with miscreants who break  curfew.   Compulsory sterilisation?   Incarceration?   A fine for their slaves?

I have visions of uniformed cat catchers equipped with night vision goggles pursuing terrified fleeing moggies who were only out for a bit of recreational hunting.    What a pack of bullies.


2 thoughts on “Stop Press….Feline Curfew……

  1. Try to stop the mating and you will have 2 very mad kitties. The best ways to prevent unwanted kittens is to Spay or Neuter your cat and/or keep them inside.

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