Everybody Knows that Dogs are Dirty…….

And yesterday the proof was parked just down the  street from our house……

I’m offended that the filthy curs were being washed on my street.   Surely the slaves who drag round DOGS 1 could have done it somewhere that didn’t lower the tone of my neighbourhood.

Those misguided dogwashers show their ignorance by having a sign that says “Cats also welcome “.     Someone should tell them that cats are naturally hygienic and because we come equipped with self cleansing kits we can look after ourselves and don’t need to be bathed in the street.


4 thoughts on “Everybody Knows that Dogs are Dirty…….

  1. You miss the idea of this. This is not about dirty dogs, but a mobile spa for pets. And although cats are very clean, they do enjoy being pampurred by a spa.

    You should discover how pampurred these people can be, especially after another paint episode.

    • Aaaargh! Being reminded of The Great Paint Scandal has quite ruined my day and I’ll feel nervous near every ladder or painter I see.
      I don’t think the dogwashers were running a spa (soft lights, soothing music and gentle hands) because the noises from inside that rusting trailer sounded more like water boarding.

      • Dear Pompuss it is ok to waterboard dogs. It is the only way to wash them. For a special feline as yourself, spa treatments is the norm.

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