Spellcheck Time for Cats…………………

To my horror, I noticed only the other day that I had misspelled ‘opinionated’ on the header of my blog. I’ve fixed it now but it worries me that I may have lost readers who didn’t bother coming back because they thought I was illiterate.

On the other hand most slaves only see what they expect to see so maybe it doesn’t matter. Tell me the truth. Had you noticed?

p.s. Actually I suspect a dog cyberlurks around WordPress and it changed my header while I wasn’t looking.


5 thoughts on “Spellcheck Time for Cats…………………

    • Thanks savethecheetah, now I can relax about that and work out why ‘0 – 60 in 3 seconds’ doesn’t appear on every post.

    • But I’m purrfect – remember…..so should get it right every time. And I do so want to be a literate cat

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