Woe Is Pompuss……..

My pet slave is off to Oz for a fortnight with the grandkits so I’m to be left to the untender mercies of the other one.    That’s right, the Chair Stealer and Duvet Denier.

I can see that I am in for a grim two weeks.    Chances are he’ll forget to feed me.    And since he wants peace and quiet while he writes a paper for a conference he’ll probably thrust me into my travel basket and head upcountry to the farmlet which means that I’ll be denied the solace of a good sulk in the hot water cupboard.

I enjoy the farm in summer but am less enthusiastic about it in the autumn and winter when it’s all rain, mud, drooping greenery and grizzling heifers.  However I can see that there’s no use complaining about it, I’ll just have to resign myself to discomfort in the country and try to have some fun hunting vermin.

Perhaps if I give him a dead rat or two he’ll let me be the one who sits closest to the fire in the evening.


4 thoughts on “Woe Is Pompuss……..

  1. Be grateful and remember all the cats whose slaves got tired of them and threw them out of the house forever.

    You slaves are so loving, so caring about you that they believe they are doing a wonderful thing and turning to a good person to care for you.

    Don’t sulk, become extremely friendly and kill them with kindness.

    • Thank you Katie Findalis. You are the purrfect Jewish Grannie, reminding me to be grateful for the good things in my life and not to be so self absorbed …..I’m trying, truly I am, even though it goes against my inner nature and all my most deeply held beliefs.
      My plan for survival through self improvement will be in my next post.

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