Pompuss’ Survival Strategy…….

I’ve decided that to survive the next two weeks I need a plan.     A little like a Civil Defence Emergency Plan but one designed expressly for my needs.   At first I thought of:

THAW..…Turn Him And Win…. but that seemed a little too simple so I designed;

AESOP…..All Efforts Support Old Pompuss…..but even I can see that sounds selfish so I considered;

CATNIP...Cast Away Troubles – Never Interrupt Purring….but perhaps that’s too frivolous.

So in the end I’ve chosen a 5 point plan which has a proper balance of effort and survival and should be acceptable to the whole household.    It’s:

SHAPE.….Seduce Him And Pompuss Endures………..The five steps are:

1) S...Seek out his cold extremities and cuddle them;

2) H...Have a positive attitude all the time even when the going gets rough;

3) A...Always think of him first;

4) P...Purr all the time;

5) E…Every day bring him a dead rat.

I think I can put aside my essential catness for a fortnight by pretending that I am not totally self absorbed, hard-hearted and cynical.   That way the Chair Stealer/Duvet Denier and I might be able to last the distance until She (the ever blest Fusspot) returns.

Do you think I’ll manage it?


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