A Lion in the Garden……..

The residents of Nairobi are becoming upset over marauding lionnesses who are invading their gardens and savaging their pet dogs underneath  the rose bushes.   So far a rottweiller has been killed, a spaniel is missing and a ridgeback and bull terrier have been mauled but lived to show their scars.      I’m not too concerned about these canine casualties but it worries me that a hungry lion might mistake a feline domestic god or goddess for an amuse-guele or appetiser.

Rangers from the game park which borders Nairobi have set traps  without success and even conservationists are now saying that shooting the lions may be the only solution.    I hope it doesn’t come to that.

The Chair Stealer/ Duvet Denier has just come in the front door so I’m off to launch my charm offensive.     Will keep you posted……


4 thoughts on “A Lion in the Garden……..

  1. It’s very sad….but this is the problem arising when mankind steals space to wildlife….conflicts arising….there are ways….
    I appreciate your humour….sorry I can’t respond the same since English is not my mother tongue….what Pompuss says is always witty (especially when he talks about the Chair Stealer/Duvet Denier….)
    Have a wonderful day there over the Oceans….

    • Don’t worry about your English savethecheetahBetty. You write in Catlish perfectly and that is far more important. Good luck with the cheetahs……

  2. Those poor lionesses. They are hungry, they have little ones, their food stamps ran out. A dog or two will just feed the family.

    • If I ran the world those Nairobians would be farming dogs in order to provide enough food for hungry lionesses and their cubs.

      And where are those useless noisy guys with the neck ruffs. I wonder what they are doing to help feed the family.

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