Pompuss’ Charm Offensive Has Begun………

I think it might be working……Each night I slink into the bedroom and purr my hardest…     On the first night I slept on a chair but every night since I’ve jumped on to the bed (at the far side well away from the Chair Stealer/Duvet Denier)  and kept my distance whilst purring loudly.      My plan is to edge closer each night….so far he hasn’t noticed what I’m doing but as the nights are getting colder he’ll soon be glad to have me snuggled against him.

What I need is a southerly storm to speed things up……..


2 thoughts on “Pompuss’ Charm Offensive Has Begun………

  1. Just remember that sharp claws work well too. A bit of kneading with claws (especially in crouch) with a loud purr and he will be putty in your paws.

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