Pompuss Organises the Weather Gods ………

Just when I asked for a really cold southerly storm the weather obliged and sent parts of New Zealand  into minus degrees for a few nights.

I had been inching across the bed towards the Chair Stealer/ Duvet Denier and eventually he gave in and didn’t protest when I curled up and purred  in the crook of his legs.    Much more comfortable (and warmer) than sleeping with Teddy in my basket.

The Fusspot returns this week so life will revert to normal.     i wonder how  the CS/DD will react when I settle myself on her side of the bed.


4 thoughts on “Pompuss Organises the Weather Gods ………

  1. And you didn’t have to claw him. Now if only he would share the blanket/quilt with you… but you know how slaves are.

  2. Yes,slaves are pain in the neck….but oh so necessary for One’ s comfort. I’m just relieved that the Fusspot is returning so my life of ease will resume.

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