Pompuss Needs Katie’s Help Please…….

Just when I thought I had the Bad Slave under control  ( purring up against him on cold nights without his kicking me off the bed ) he left this photo ( ex Theo Spark) for me to see on the computer.

I  hope he wanted to show the world that I am a good swimmer.

But……I .followed your advice Katie (i.e. claws in crotch) and I fear the photo may contain a very different message………perhaps he intends to drown me  like the barn rats…..

More advice please…..


2 thoughts on “Pompuss Needs Katie’s Help Please…….

  1. Grand Kitty Kara tells me that claws in crouch always work to get the slave to do your bidding. I can assure you that the slave will not drown or harm you. The other one will kill him for it. Instead you should try sitting on his lap, purring and asserting your dominance over the furniture you like.

    If that doesn’t work, try shedding.

    • Thanks Katie, will do.
      Shedding is a delicate issue in this house. Even the Blessed Fusspot and Pompuss Adorer gets upset about that and immediately administers the furball cure.
      I don’t understand why she gets so upset. After all, what’s a few hairs between friends….

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