Slaves About to be AWOL again……

Anyone would think the Fusspot didn’t love me.    As soon as she arrived back from Oz, and just as I thought I was getting the Chair Stealer/Duvet Denier to see things my way, she’s packing to go back  again.

This time CS/DD is going too, so it’s Pampered Pets Inc for moi.

This Australian thing is puzzling .   I know that the Norwegians send their old age pensioners on all expenses paid winter holidays in the sun but the New Zealand government is far too cash strapped to be that generous.   Judging by the number of self funded trips to Oz that my slaves take they must really want to be there.

Oh, I’ve just thought of an answer.    Could they be house-hunting?      One thing I do know.  If they go for good, then I’m going with them.     Hmmm…I wonder if Australia has lots of salmon and oysters….


2 thoughts on “Slaves About to be AWOL again……

  1. Not a lot of salmon and oysters I’ve been told, and too many poisonous frogs (So be careful sweet Pompuss.) but there may be enough rats and mice for you to enjoy.

    At least enjoy Pampered Pets for a while. A spa treatment at least.

    • I’ve been told that Oz toads can be fun if you lick them so I’ll be trying that if we relocate.
      Purrs from Pompuss

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