My Very Own Ark……

Concerned that Mr Hulbers might not allow me aboard his ark, I decided that I would build my own.

So far mine is no more than a simple craft and as you can see it is a work in progress:

My very own Ark……

I’m going to paint the boards royal purple and add a canopy in case the rain continues….


Pompuss ….Not Wanted!……

Alas….it’s true.   A Dutch gentleman has built an ark replica, which since it is only half the  size of the original it is not surprising there is no room for Moi.


I like to think that it is simply a space aka ‘lifeboat’ issue, but the bane of my life, yes, the Chair Stealer and Duvet Denier, has a different explanation.   He says, that since I am not intact, I am unnecessary and therefore could be left behind in a deluge.   (It is persisting down outside at the moment which makes him smile, probably in anticipation)   the Fusspot, on the other hand, says she will carry me in her purse (or a supermarket plastic bag) should  the Apocalpse arrive.

It’s good to know who your friends are….

Another set of humans……..

English: First reconstruction of Neanderthal m...

English: First reconstruction of Neanderthal man Español: Primera reconstrucción del Hombre de Neandertal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scientists have found traces of DNA in modern Africans which they think comes from an early species of humans found in Africa at the time Neanderthals lived in Europe.

Of course I’m fascinated and really really really want to know whether a conservation group will try to preserve these people and their antique genes.   You know, like saving rhinos, or threatened feline species.    And if not, why not?     The traces of early type DNA have been found in people as geographically separated as the pygmy of central Africa and hunter-gatherer tribes in Tanzania.

I’ll wait with interest.   Will a conservation group appear – or would it be too politically incorrect to stress the fact that Africans have traces of a Neanderthal like ancestor in their genes.   i don’t see that the Africans should worry about it.   After all many Europeans carry genetic material from their Neanderthal forebears.

Mongrels, the lot of them.






White Rhinoceros mother and calf, Mkuze game r...

White Rhinoceros mother and calf, Mkuze game reserve (Photo credit: Kleinz1)

i seems the whole world is uniting against cats and our habits.     A prestigious University veterinary professor has joined the chorus of cataphobes saying that keeping cats indoors is acceptable and will save  birds.     I’m not surprised to hear this  as I’ve long harboured suspicions regarding vets…but that’s another story……

This post is about white rhinos.     There are only 8 left in the world  and four have been moved from a  zoo in Europe to Africa in the hope that they might breed there.

Blatant speciesism !    White rhinos (admittedly rare) are cosseted, hand fed, fawned upon by celebrities plus assorted vet staff and transported to an African love-nest where everyone hopes they will have baby rhinos.     On the other side of the world, cats are vilified, chased out of gardens, denied the right to their essential catness and neutered if they don’t move fast enough.     It’s outrageous.

What’s more… can’t cuddle a rhino!


Robots and Ethics……

Still image from Superman: The Mechanical Mons...

Still image from Superman: The Mechanical Monsters (1941), a Fleischer Brothers Superman cartoon which is now in the public domain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By now the whole world knows that there are military robots out in war zones performing tasks that are too boring, too dirty or too dangerous for humans to do.

There are drones ranging in size from mosquito tiny to airplane large.   There is artillery which can be fired by a computer at long distance.   There are robots which can assist infantry by carrying heavy loads.     Wars could be fought by robots controlled by humans sitting in armchairs with a beer in one hand and  a computer mouse under the other.

Robots are so advanced that people are now concerned about their ethics (not the ethics of using them but the ethics of what the robots might actually do).    The mind boggles.    I had always thought that the First Law of Robotics was “Thou shalt not harm a human” but obviously that will need to be changed.

Homo Sapiens…..oh if only…   Humans are thinking of inserting  ethics chips into  robots before they’ve  sorted out the ethics of war for themselves.

Zealandia Persecutes Cats…….

I was dismayed to see in today’s paper that Zealandia, Wellngton’s sancuary for native species, is mounting an anti cat crusade.      They claim that cats from neighbouring suburbs are sneaking into the sanctuary and slaughtering native birds.

“Tosh” I say, “utter tosh”.      If any of these bird fancying bigots had ever tried to catch a fantail they would know that owing to the creature’s swooping, darting flight it is well nigh impossible.     I only made an attempt  once and nearly gave myself a nervous breakdown – the wretched bird won the contest by a wide margin and I had to pretend that I wasn’t actually trying.

The cat police at the sanctuary say that cats should be kept indoors at all times which is a denial of our simple basic right to fresh air and sunshine.    Vermin such as rats, weasels and stoats are the true danger to birdlife and cats play an important part in their control.

Added to which, if the bird population is not kept in proper balance their untidy  bathroom habits will soon coat the sanctuary and its surrounds in youknowwhat.

If you look at the linked article you will probably join me in thinking that this cat ‘crisis’ is simply an attempt by Zealandia staffers to keep their organisation in the headlines in the hope of gaining more leverage and inflating their importance.

Sweat Bonding……..

English: Stationary bicycle Česky: Rotoped Deu...

English: Stationary bicycle Česky: Rotoped Deutsch: Fahrradergometer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to the newest, and possibly the strangest craze.

I heard about it on the BBC.     Time poor and under-exercised business people are holding their meetings in gyms rather than over a coffee or a meal in a restaurant.    Apparently you sit side by side on stationary bicycles and pedal while a gym trainer shouts at you urging greater effort and more sweat.    Well, I told you it was strange…

It seems that those who undergo this ghastly regime find they ‘bond’ with fellow sufferers   and that they are more likely to trust them.    ????

I thought long and hard about this weird idea and decided that maybe that was what happened to me and the Chair Stealer/Duvet Denier on those cold nights of southerly storms while the Fusspot was away.      Yes, I’m sure that’s what it was.    We suffered together and we ‘bonded’.

Alas it didn’t last, because the moment She was back in the house, life was back to normal i.e. battle lines were redrawn and He and I are sniping at each other again.  Must go and leave some white hair on his dark trousers………..