Gender Difference in Humans…….

The saves are back and I’ve been rescued from the car gulag.   There isn’t much to report about my temporary incarceration.

There was nothing really wrong with the cat resort, it was just that it was boring so I slept a lot.    Now I’m amusing myself by trying to make it obvious to both the Fusspot and the Chair Stealer/Duvet Denier that they should have arranged my holiday in a rather higher class of establishment.

I’m intrigued by the difference in attitude between my slaves.    She is fussing over me, trying to ingratiate herself, hoping that extra little treats will make me forget my recent treatment whereas he couldn’t give a hoot and continues to push me round and call me nasty names.   The lout has already forgotten that I slept curled up against the back of his knees and kept him warm at night during the last southerly storm.

There’s no justice in the world.   Though if I’m honest when I think about it, I’d probably behave exactly the same way as he does.


2 thoughts on “Gender Difference in Humans…….

  1. Oh Pompuss, I do believe you’re not happy unless you are complaining about something.

    Your slaves return, pampering you with treats and pets, and all you can do is kvetch. You should remember all those cats who have lousy slaves. Who never get treats or a kind word. Who live on the streets, in the cold, without a steady meal.

    You should thanks the Great Cat for the blessings you have, the home you have, the treats and kind words you get and enjoy it.

    • It’s true that I do complain a lot but life has taught me that if you don’t complain, you don’t get. If I accepted poor or even average treatment I’d be regarded as a furry doormat – and walked all over! That’s why I demand the best from my slaves.
      I thank the Great Cat daily for my privileged position and I’m sure he/she/it knows I work hard to maintain my status.
      As for the strays, I feel for them I truly do and I have tried bringing the cute ones through the catflap for a square meal. However the Fusspot doesn’t fear a retributive bolt of lightning from the Great Cat and she just seizes a broom to chase them out.

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