Sweat Bonding……..

English: Stationary bicycle Česky: Rotoped Deu...

English: Stationary bicycle Česky: Rotoped Deutsch: Fahrradergometer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Welcome to the newest, and possibly the strangest craze.

I heard about it on the BBC.     Time poor and under-exercised business people are holding their meetings in gyms rather than over a coffee or a meal in a restaurant.    Apparently you sit side by side on stationary bicycles and pedal while a gym trainer shouts at you urging greater effort and more sweat.    Well, I told you it was strange…

It seems that those who undergo this ghastly regime find they ‘bond’ with fellow sufferers   and that they are more likely to trust them.    ????

I thought long and hard about this weird idea and decided that maybe that was what happened to me and the Chair Stealer/Duvet Denier on those cold nights of southerly storms while the Fusspot was away.      Yes, I’m sure that’s what it was.    We suffered together and we ‘bonded’.

Alas it didn’t last, because the moment She was back in the house, life was back to normal i.e. battle lines were redrawn and He and I are sniping at each other again.  Must go and leave some white hair on his dark trousers………..



2 thoughts on “Sweat Bonding……..

  1. Strange ideas these humans have….!
    Pompuss is my favourite, brightens up my days with his humour.
    ( By the way: I am a dog lover, but I recognize the superiority of cats….!)
    Have a nice day down there over the Ocean!

    • Thankyou savethecheetahBetty, I’m glad I brighten your day.

      Rest easy – it’s okay to be a dog lover so long as you know in your heart of hearts that cats are superior. In my more honest moments even I will admit that some dogs can do things which are beyond me – Alsatians can attack criminals, St Bernards can carry brandy, beagles can sniff out illigal drugs, retrievers can collect shot birds from water……….but the rest of the canine kind are pretty useless…….however, if you need to commune with a higher creature or a lesson in sloth – a cat is the answer every time.


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