Zealandia Persecutes Cats…….

I was dismayed to see in today’s paper that Zealandia, Wellngton’s sancuary for native species, is mounting an anti cat crusade.      They claim that cats from neighbouring suburbs are sneaking into the sanctuary and slaughtering native birds.

“Tosh” I say, “utter tosh”.      If any of these bird fancying bigots had ever tried to catch a fantail they would know that owing to the creature’s swooping, darting flight it is well nigh impossible.     I only made an attempt  once and nearly gave myself a nervous breakdown – the wretched bird won the contest by a wide margin and I had to pretend that I wasn’t actually trying.

The cat police at the sanctuary say that cats should be kept indoors at all times which is a denial of our simple basic right to fresh air and sunshine.    Vermin such as rats, weasels and stoats are the true danger to birdlife and cats play an important part in their control.

Added to which, if the bird population is not kept in proper balance their untidy  bathroom habits will soon coat the sanctuary and its surrounds in youknowwhat.

If you look at the linked article you will probably join me in thinking that this cat ‘crisis’ is simply an attempt by Zealandia staffers to keep their organisation in the headlines in the hope of gaining more leverage and inflating their importance.


5 thoughts on “Zealandia Persecutes Cats…….

  1. I understand that if you don’t have predators you will have too many birds in the area. They will get diseases, fight over nesting space and become a general nuance. It is better for domestic cats to wipe out oops cull the population.

    • Having been an responsible cat slave I never let them out if I could help it. (Had a lovely cat called Elton John who was eaten by a Coyote.) But to ask all cat slaves to keep Kitty inside is ridiculous. Some cats just need to get outside.

      Plus there are the feral cats to contend with. While responsible slaves will do what they can to keep Kitty from attacking native wildlife, how do you keep feral Kitty from doing it? Kill all the ferals? Very hard to do and there would be an uproar.

      Native life have rights, but so do Kitties.

    • Thank you for the link to your media release Lauren. It’s an interesting perspective but not one that I can share and I’m afraid we must agree to disagree.
      We cats evolved as independent lone hunters of small prey and to expect us to behave otherwise is simply speciesism, a subject on which I rant from time to time.
      i agree that our slaves (aka humans) can help birdlife by keeping cats indoors, feeding us well and attaching double bells to our necks us but to do so is an attempt to turn us into something we are not. An attempt which I regard as domineering and overly controlling since cats have a right to enjoy fresh air and sunshine and the exercise of their essential natures just as other creatures do.
      I like watching birds and enjoy frightening them on the decking but seldom bother to kill or eat them because a mouthful of feathers isn’t my idea of fine cuisine.

      One could argue that we are watching Evolution at work and that birds will die out because they are too stupid to avoid danger. I for one will not stand in the way of Mother Nature as I’m sure she knows best.

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