White Rhinoceros mother and calf, Mkuze game r...

White Rhinoceros mother and calf, Mkuze game reserve (Photo credit: Kleinz1)

i seems the whole world is uniting against cats and our habits.     A prestigious University veterinary professor has joined the chorus of cataphobes saying that keeping cats indoors is acceptable and will save  birds.     I’m not surprised to hear this  as I’ve long harboured suspicions regarding vets…but that’s another story……

This post is about white rhinos.     There are only 8 left in the world  and four have been moved from a  zoo in Europe to Africa in the hope that they might breed there.

Blatant speciesism !    White rhinos (admittedly rare) are cosseted, hand fed, fawned upon by celebrities plus assorted vet staff and transported to an African love-nest where everyone hopes they will have baby rhinos.     On the other side of the world, cats are vilified, chased out of gardens, denied the right to their essential catness and neutered if they don’t move fast enough.     It’s outrageous.

What’s more… can’t cuddle a rhino!



2 thoughts on “Cataphobia…..

  1. Dear Pompuss, I agree. You can’t cuddle a rhino….On the other hand, these beautiful animals are almost extinct, and even the black ones will be in a short time… I rather think the Planet would make it without human beings, rather than with humans….but as for cats, in Europe they are the best human’s friends, as everybody is working now, and cats are independent and more autonomous than dogs….Sometimes I think animals are much more intelligent and clever than Humans…don’t you agree?
    PS. I’m all scratched by my sister’s cat, Ginger. We made friends last week as he hid so well that my sister had to leave him alone…Now Ginger loves me. I fed him for a week…..

    • Ginger sounds like a real cat, albeit a slightly ungrateful one!

      I totally agree that the planet would be better with fewer humans and the sooner people realise this the better. Natural selection has led to some extinctions but most have been the result of human activity where people have hunted animals for body parts or destroyed natural habitat as they seek their own advantage. Sadly I’m not hopeful that humans will see that they have been too successful as a species and that this inevitably disadvantages other creatures. Despite the efforts of conservationists like you, many more species will be lost on this planet.

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