Another set of humans……..

English: First reconstruction of Neanderthal m...

English: First reconstruction of Neanderthal man Español: Primera reconstrucción del Hombre de Neandertal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scientists have found traces of DNA in modern Africans which they think comes from an early species of humans found in Africa at the time Neanderthals lived in Europe.

Of course I’m fascinated and really really really want to know whether a conservation group will try to preserve these people and their antique genes.   You know, like saving rhinos, or threatened feline species.    And if not, why not?     The traces of early type DNA have been found in people as geographically separated as the pygmy of central Africa and hunter-gatherer tribes in Tanzania.

I’ll wait with interest.   Will a conservation group appear – or would it be too politically incorrect to stress the fact that Africans have traces of a Neanderthal like ancestor in their genes.   i don’t see that the Africans should worry about it.   After all many Europeans carry genetic material from their Neanderthal forebears.

Mongrels, the lot of them.






2 thoughts on “Another set of humans……..

  1. Every human not directly from Africa has 1-4% of their genes from Neanderthals. It is speculated that these humans got their artistic talents and love for cats from these Neanderthal ancestors.

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