Pompuss ….Not Wanted!……

Alas….it’s true.   A Dutch gentleman has built an ark replica, which since it is only half the  size of the original it is not surprising there is no room for Moi.


I like to think that it is simply a space aka ‘lifeboat’ issue, but the bane of my life, yes, the Chair Stealer and Duvet Denier, has a different explanation.   He says, that since I am not intact, I am unnecessary and therefore could be left behind in a deluge.   (It is persisting down outside at the moment which makes him smile, probably in anticipation)   the Fusspot, on the other hand, says she will carry me in her purse (or a supermarket plastic bag) should  the Apocalpse arrive.

It’s good to know who your friends are….


One thought on “Pompuss ….Not Wanted!……

  1. We your friends will make sure that you are saved if and when there is a flood in your area. That we promise to you.

    G-d said that he would never flood the Earth again. And I believe G-d. So rest assured dear Pompuss.

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