Essex ‘Lion’ result of Error in UK Border Control………..

I’ve followed all the Essex “Lion” brouhaha with interest, finding  it  a relief from those endless Big Black Cat sightings on Dartmoor and in the Welsh countryside.

Now I read that the lion is thought to be a large ginger cat called Tom or a Maine Coon called Teddy Bear.     Of course it’s Tom and you have read about him earlier on this blog.    Mr Ginger Tom insinuated himself into the portrait of the Mona Lisa (see blog entry of March 8th) then sneakily crossed the English Channel avoiding UK Customs and Border Control and reincarnated himself as Bob, a busker’s companion in Covent Garden (see March 31st).    Now he has reappeared as a lion.     The impudence and wanderlust of that particular ginga is boundless and I just wonder where he will turn up next.


Another Endangered Feline……….

                                       (photo taken from Amy Goodrich’s Cat page)

Here is a truly compelling reason to avoid war in the Middle East.

Felis margarita, the beautiful sand cat, is  listed as ‘nearly threatened’ rather than  endangered.   However as they are solitary animals with a wide hunting range no-one really knows how many are left in their original habitat, the  desert areas of North Africa and southwest and central Asia.

Small and stocky with short legs and a long tail, they have large ears, live in burrows in the sand and can survive for months without water.

Forget about saving whales and great white sharks, I think the sand cat should be high on any list of conservation worthy creatures.

Another Grey Day….


After I’d had my bright idea about drought for water swaps I ventured outdoors between showers to watch the Fusspot pull weeds,  divide her half drowned chives, tie up the mange-touts, plant garlic (she’s late for that one), and harvest bolted mesclun for the hungry heifers.    I tried to tell her that she was pulling up a beetroot at the same time but she wouldn’t listen and told me to go indoors before I got mud on my coat so I retreated  to the kitchen window sill in something of a huff.     She’s right insofar as mud is more attracted to my fur than her wellies and it took me over 30 minutes to clean my paws to my satisfaction but I do think she should have listened to me about the beetroot.    I definitely remember her planting a seedling beside the peas as there was no room for it elsewhere  but clearly she’s forgotten and thought it was just some variety of red lettuce.

Oh well, I hope the heifers enjoy their anti-oxidants.      I can’t wait to go back to town so I can defrost while I snooze on a central heating vent.

My Very Own Ark, Part Two…….

I had almost decided that it was time to sail my (sadly only half completed)  ark to Manila to rescue all those poor drowning Filipino cats when I had an idea.

Parts of the world such as the Philippines  have far more water  than they need while the USA is suffering a serious drought.     Surely Mr Michael Donley, the Secretary of the Air Force and General Mark Welsh 111 the Air Force Chief of Staff, could put their heads to gether and solve this problem.

We know that America speedily sends armed personnel and airplanes  round the world in times of need.   For instance just last week they very kindly repatriated the bodies of two Kiwi soldiers killed in Afghanistan and I’m sure there are many other examples of their generosity.

As the rain is still persisting down near me, maybe the US Air Force could fly some of their country’s drought over here and in return we could give them plenty of water to take back.   In no time at all we’d all be in a state of equilibrium and everyone would be happy.

Oh, and they could take some drought to Manila as well……….surely they’ve got enough airplanes….

Pompuss on the Mars Landing……..

Carter Observatory

Carter Observatory (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Late yesterday afternoon the Fusspot and the Chair Stealer/Duvet Denier walked along to the Carter Observatory, a couple of hundred metres away in the Botanical Gardens to watch the live streaming of the Mars Landing.

They were fascinated  by the number of blue-clad NASA staffers, presumably all with PhDs in astrophysics, sitting riveted in front of their computers busily counting down and came home saying that it is no surprise that NASA costs so much.

I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again.   It is a truly wondrous paradox that slavekind can mount such an amazing space programme but still can’t make a hearing aid (at a reasonable price) that doesn’t whistle……..or for that matter ensure peace in the Middle East.