Another Grey Day….


After I’d had my bright idea about drought for water swaps I ventured outdoors between showers to watch the Fusspot pull weeds,  divide her half drowned chives, tie up the mange-touts, plant garlic (she’s late for that one), and harvest bolted mesclun for the hungry heifers.    I tried to tell her that she was pulling up a beetroot at the same time but she wouldn’t listen and told me to go indoors before I got mud on my coat so I retreated  to the kitchen window sill in something of a huff.     She’s right insofar as mud is more attracted to my fur than her wellies and it took me over 30 minutes to clean my paws to my satisfaction but I do think she should have listened to me about the beetroot.    I definitely remember her planting a seedling beside the peas as there was no room for it elsewhere  but clearly she’s forgotten and thought it was just some variety of red lettuce.

Oh well, I hope the heifers enjoy their anti-oxidants.      I can’t wait to go back to town so I can defrost while I snooze on a central heating vent.


2 thoughts on “Another Grey Day….

  1. Beet root is good for heifers. Helps their digestion or something like that. But you playing in the mud!!!! That is almost as bad as the other thing that caused you to lose your lovely coat. Stay out of the mud. It doesn’t do anything for your fur (Like mud does for human faces.).

  2. Eeeek! I hate to be reminded of The Great Paint Fiasco. Fortunately my coat seems to be self renewing and it all grew back in a month or so.

    The great plus about playing in the mud is the subsequent pampering – the brushing with the ionising hairbrush and the bodyrub with a silk square……ooh, ahh….bliss.

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