My Very Own Ark, Part Two…….

I had almost decided that it was time to sail my (sadly only half completed)  ark to Manila to rescue all those poor drowning Filipino cats when I had an idea.

Parts of the world such as the Philippines  have far more water  than they need while the USA is suffering a serious drought.     Surely Mr Michael Donley, the Secretary of the Air Force and General Mark Welsh 111 the Air Force Chief of Staff, could put their heads to gether and solve this problem.

We know that America speedily sends armed personnel and airplanes  round the world in times of need.   For instance just last week they very kindly repatriated the bodies of two Kiwi soldiers killed in Afghanistan and I’m sure there are many other examples of their generosity.

As the rain is still persisting down near me, maybe the US Air Force could fly some of their country’s drought over here and in return we could give them plenty of water to take back.   In no time at all we’d all be in a state of equilibrium and everyone would be happy.

Oh, and they could take some drought to Manila as well……….surely they’ve got enough airplanes….


2 thoughts on “My Very Own Ark, Part Two…….

  1. I wish we could send you some of our drought. But it is impossible at this time. You might want to ask the Saudi cats. They are always in drought.

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