Another Endangered Feline……….

                                       (photo taken from Amy Goodrich’s Cat page)

Here is a truly compelling reason to avoid war in the Middle East.

Felis margarita, the beautiful sand cat, is  listed as ‘nearly threatened’ rather than  endangered.   However as they are solitary animals with a wide hunting range no-one really knows how many are left in their original habitat, the  desert areas of North Africa and southwest and central Asia.

Small and stocky with short legs and a long tail, they have large ears, live in burrows in the sand and can survive for months without water.

Forget about saving whales and great white sharks, I think the sand cat should be high on any list of conservation worthy creatures.


2 thoughts on “Another Endangered Feline……….

  1. Such a cute kitty. When the kittens were born in Israel and shown on the TV, a good majority of Israelis offered them good homes. They should be given them and set upon a breeding program. Looking at the amount of feral kitties, it could be off the endangered list in a decade.

    The sand cat is too damn cute! I want one, or two, or twenty. (I think I can turn into a crazy cat lady.)

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