Essex ‘Lion’ result of Error in UK Border Control………..

I’ve followed all the Essex “Lion” brouhaha with interest, finding  it  a relief from those endless Big Black Cat sightings on Dartmoor and in the Welsh countryside.

Now I read that the lion is thought to be a large ginger cat called Tom or a Maine Coon called Teddy Bear.     Of course it’s Tom and you have read about him earlier on this blog.    Mr Ginger Tom insinuated himself into the portrait of the Mona Lisa (see blog entry of March 8th) then sneakily crossed the English Channel avoiding UK Customs and Border Control and reincarnated himself as Bob, a busker’s companion in Covent Garden (see March 31st).    Now he has reappeared as a lion.     The impudence and wanderlust of that particular ginga is boundless and I just wonder where he will turn up next.


2 thoughts on “Essex ‘Lion’ result of Error in UK Border Control………..

    • I would if I could but it’s a long way to swim and Border Control might think my persianess good reason to deny me entry.
      So I’ll just sit here, watch Mr Ginger Tom’s progress and snipe. More fun than getting my coat wet.

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