A New Look at Creationism………

Whilst reading about Dr Jim Sanderson’s sterling work in documenting endangered small cats in the world through his Small Cat Conservation Alliance, I came across this video on Youtube


These small cats are disguised with spots and stripes both to protect them from predators and enable them to creep up on prey unobserved: the clouded leopard looks and moves like a python; sand cats blend into the rocks and sand; the fishing cat disguises itself by being where no-one would expect it to be while others are spotted and striped to allow them to blend into the landscape or surrounding foliage.

These cats’ coats were probably the result of thousands of years of adaptation and this camouflage persists today in the tabby housecat.

But. The Great Cat seems to have forgotten all about any need for disguise when my ancestors were created. I’ve anxiously searched my legs and tail and can’t find a spot or stripe anywhere so I can only conclude that my forecats arrived in the world already white and perfect which makes me look at Creationism in a whole new way.

The downside for me is that the only place I’d be disguised would be in the middle of a snowdrift and I hate the cold.


1 thought on “A New Look at Creationism………

  1. Now if you were in a disguise dear Pompuss your slaves would never find you to give you the needed treats.

    I look at those wonderful cats and think that all is needed are a town of cat ladies, bags of good food and patience. We would have them laying around the house, dominating every bit of it. Plus some a big enough to scare a pit bull. That would be fun to watch.

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