Rivers Will Be Able To Take You to Court……..

I really thought I’d seen it all….but clearly I hadn’t. Read the article below and then tell me which is more sensible -this cat who foresees endless negative consequences or the humans who are blythely passing such laws and racing the country onward into endless trouble…


The New Zealand government has me worried. They’ve been passing legislation on same sex marriage and the appropriate age for drinking alcohol on conscience votes which means only the opinions of politicians count. The Fusspot is outraged and has been bombarding members of parliament with letters suggesting that such issues should be put to the nation in referenda. I doubt she’ll get very far as all pollies seem to have such an inflated idea of their own importance that they probably think they have smarter consciences than anyone else.

By the Great Cat – this country is going to the dogs. Disaster looms.


3 thoughts on “Rivers Will Be Able To Take You to Court……..

    • Does this mean when the river floods your home you can sue the river, the tribe, etc…?
      Oh if only. But I’ll bet it doesn’t.

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