A Smuggler with Good Taste…….

New Delhi Airport Terminal 1D

New Delhi Airport Terminal 1D (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yahoo reports that Hamad Al-Dhaheri, Mohammed Al-Shamsi and Rashid Al-Shamsi were detained at Delhi airport where one of them was found to have a loris monkey concealed in his underwear.   Clearly only one of the trio had loose fitting undies as another loris was found abandoned in a dustbin.

Recently an Indian gentleman was caught at Mumbai attempting to smuggle ten turtles from Bangkok.    He and two accomplices also carried six Persian cats, three tarantulas and eleven birds’ eggs.!!

Forget about the loris monkeys (cute though they are) the tarantulas and the turtles, here is a man who tried to smuggle SIX, yes SIX Persian cats from Thailand into India. obviously he knew how valuable Persian cats can be.

I agree that it rather begs the question of just what those Persians were up to amongst the Siamese but whatever is was they have been returned to Thailand.


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