Cats Deliver Important Message…….

Photo filched from Cactus Kate's Blog

(Photo filched with thanks from Cactus Kate’s Blog)

Surfing on another grey wet afternoon I came across this highly instructive photograph.  It shows how cats of all sizes, shapes, colours and styles are able to co-exist peacefully.    If only humans could learn to do the same.

The shapely rear in the  foreground is not mine.  Nor am I the cat at approximately one o’clock but I thought the photo shows the qualities of inclusiveness and community for which we all need to strive.    Sermon over.

p.s.  I can’t help but wonder whether that is Mr Ginger Tom muscling in beside my lookalike..


2 thoughts on “Cats Deliver Important Message…….

  1. Unlike Muslims cats do not care if a movie is made about the Great Cat. Nor do they care if this movie makes fun of the Great Cat. Plus it is food, and no cat cares who eats with him/her as long as he/she gets their own dish of food.

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