Does Equality Breed Stupidity…….

I’ve spent all day puzzling over this and have decided to share it in the hope that someone out there might have an answer.

As I was snoozing circa 4.00am today I overheard a BBC programme called (I think) “Have Your Say“.   For an hour or so people were phoning in from all around the world to broadcast their opinions on a topic which was so badly discussed that I’ve forgotten what it was.     I’m sure that no conclusion was reached before I fell asleep again.

It seems that the BBC thinks it  a Good Thing that everyone has the chance to air their opinions as though all opinions were of equal value and all opinors/opiners worthy of air time.   i can only suppose that by providing this service the BBC consider that they are being truly democratic and supporting the  supremacy of the  doctrine of Equality.

Well I have news for the BBC.   Not all opinions are created equal.    Some are of far greater value than others whilst some are so wretchedly feeble, ill thought through and badly expressed, that like superfluous dogs they should be strangled at birth.     This morning people talked past each other and I suspect were often  so busy thinking what they were going to say next that they failed to hear or understand what others had already said.

I resented being woken by the programme.   Too much of it  was utter tosh and a complete waste of time.

If the BBC cared about the needs of serious minded creatures they would rebroadcast  all 100 episodes of ‘The History of the World in One Hundred Objects’  so we could hear the ones we missed last time and the whole world could be educated at the same time.


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