Lost Cats and Their Foibles…………..

Having little better to do on a wet afternoon I’ve been paws to keyboard trying to solve the mystery of the whereabouts of Mr Ginger Tom.

Believe it or not, cyberspace is littered with lost ginger cats: Alvin from Bradford; Fudge from County Armagh and a host of others from Brighton, Suffolk and also Catford.     There was even a ginga called Poldi who finally found his way back to his home in Germany after 15 years.    The Fritzcat was identified by the tatoo on his ear but I have my suspicions about Alvin and Fudge et al.   Any one of them could be the elusive Mr Ginger Tom.

Persians on the other hand are more selective in their wanderings.     Apart that is from Poppy who went missing in Sheffield and whose slaves offered a L500 sterling reward for her return.     Alas, Poppy showed a deplorable lack of style in that  she was found hiding down a coal shute.    Shamefully unPersianlike and I think she needs a lengthy course of  counselling.

Here is a  Persian who showed better taste.     Sabrina, as the rescue staff named her was found beneath a house in Porirua, a low income area near my city.    Although flea infested,  scrawny  and in need of hours of pampering she remained fussy about her food and would only accept Fancy Feast, not the usual rescue centre basic rations   I hope they realised that being a Persian she was also entitled to regular smoked salmon in her diet.

Though a rather unlovely mess in her de-flead and shaven state she will be glorious when her coat grows again.


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