The Shrinking Sea Kitten………

English: Annual mean sea surface dissolved oxy...

English: Annual mean sea surface dissolved oxygen from the World Ocean Atlas 2005. Dissolved oxygen here is in mmol O 2 m -3 . It is plotted here using a Mollweide projection (using MATLAB and the M_Map package). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scientists from a Canadian university say  that by 2050 there will be smaller fish in the oceans and fewer of them.

Warming of the sea will lead to less oxygen in the water and therefore fish won’t be able to grow, shrinking in size by anything up to a quarter.   Fish will migrate from warmer water to the relatively oxygen rich areas near the poles This will have dire effects upon the food chain in the ocean as well as the world’s fisheries and the availability of protein for human consumption. (Trust humans to think of their own stomachs first!)

The pending disaster is of course worsened by the overfishing that already occurs and the thoughtless proliferation  of humanity.

However The End is not yet upon us as I can suggest solutions…

Firstly Homo Sapiens must stop breeding at such an appalling rate.    Fewer people would place less strain upon the fish supply and if people could train themselves to breathe less oxygen they too would grow less and therefore need less food thus saving a few fish.  Do you follow my impeccable logic?

Secondly, everyone should start fish-farming.  TV should exhort the nation to breed tilapia  in ponds in  each and every vegetable garden and commercial fish farms should increase in size ten or twentyfold.       On reflection the tilapia  idea is a bad one.    Their flesh is grey and they taste of mud.     Far better to encourage industry so we have swarms of delectable edibles like these:

Food Glorious Food

I think I’ll have to find a way of persuading the Fusspot and the Duvet Denier to invest in a salmon farm.    After all, their survival, not to mention mine, could depend upon it.


6 thoughts on “The Shrinking Sea Kitten………

  1. Pompuss… if you lived in California now or in the future you would have to fight raccoons to be able to savor the goldfish from garden ponds… methinks that a 30 lb raccoon would have the best of your rich fur in a minute … These quasi-cousins of yours also dismantled the pond equipment in short order, and just for the fun of it.

    • I’d better steer clear of California – 30lb racoons sound like super heavyweights and I’m a welterweight so I would exercise discretion and leave the goldfish to them. Are you sure they’re my quasi cousins? They sound more like dirty dogs to me.
      Here in NZ our least welcome large garden pests are Australian possums who love to dine on rose buds and vegetable seedlings. However I can frighten one of them (they are about my size) with a full back arch, full fur display and a Force 10 hiss.

      • Ahi! Pompuss now you have me caught in this thread.You are certainly a wily one. Hmmm, I said quasi-cousins as a tease, Pommie… in fact I think they are another species from your ilk and Canids.
        In California there were also possums, but the Scotties did keep them under control. I like opossums because they “showed themselves to me” – thus choosing me, and choosing to become my totem animal – it is an old Amerindian myth that one day I will tell you if are really nice to me. And I will also tell you about the early morning when one of the Scottiec caught a possum. … Adventures in an American garden.

      • I’m glad your Scotties keep those Californian possums under control Veraersilia and I’d love to hear about your totem one day.
        In the meantime, all power to your dogs and I’ll confine my gardening to chasing rabbits and pukeko (swamp hens which pull out plants and eat the roots). I confess to secret guilty pleasure over the pukeko because they are a protected species – though why they should be eludes me as they’re all over our garden.

  2. Fish farming is saving fish such as the Beluga Sturgeon, Salmon, Trout, etc… Many experts say warmer waters will be helpful for breeding fish, not the opposite.

    G-d (The Great Cat) will provide enough fish for you Pompuss.
    Those fish you love will be around for you a good long time.

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