Dangerous Dogs………

I think the world should know that 27,000 New Zealanders have been injured by dogs in the last two years and the total cost to the taxpayer of all the subsequent stitching and hospitalisation was $5 million.

$5 million (!!) is too much to spend upon damage caused by an inferior species.   Thinking that the money would be better spent on other things I’ve been puzzling over how to control  the scurvy curs.

At first I thought that they could be shut indoors or chained up permanently rather than have the freedom to run around our cities and towns or over the countryside biting people and chasing cats.    However, being essentially fairminded and sensible I soon realised that working dogs are  essential to a farmer and that to keep all mutts chained or indoors all the time would be cruel.

I’ve thought and thought but see no solution except to muzzle them all with iron face guards.  (And I mean proper iron muzzzles not the namby pamby cissy leather variety shown in the photo above).   I’ll admit that might make it difficult for them to eat but if you think carefully I know you’ll see that such a tiny sacrifice on the part of dogs could be the answer.

After all,  they  claim to be man’s best friend…..and greater love…..


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