Awwwh……Aren’t they beautiful…….


I’ve been quiet lately and my paws absent from the keyboard.     The Fusspot put her back out so I’ve been on vibrator duty – don’t laugh – curled at her lower back whilst she is supine.     I’ve had a good rest too and lots of snooze but this morning I found this video on lighepardo’s blog and thought it should be reposted.   With so many births it looks as though that zoo has something in the water……


2 thoughts on “Awwwh……Aren’t they beautiful…….

  1. Awwww… Pompouss Sir, aren’t you a doll! yes a fur doll. A teddy bear in disguise. Thank you for re-blogging some of the videos about cheetahs. Yes they are beautiful animals.
    But of course you take 1st place… … (except for a yellow teddy bear that lives here with me…he is my prince charming cat). Thank you again, Vera at

  2. Sucking Piggies? To call those beautiful kitties that is an insult. To serve it to their Mom is another thing. I can tell you that zoo is not putting saltpeter in the water. Viagra maybe.

    I would love to be the slave to one of those babies. It would scare the Pit Bull next door into submission very fast.

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