When Good Ideas Go Bad………….

The Inquest (aka Fault Finding) into the collapse of the CCTV building during the Christchurch earthquake grinds on.

Rescue staff, police, fire service personnel, construction workers will all have the opportunity to point the finger at each other.  Already a policeman has said that he was ordered not to continue searching for survivors when the Urban Search and Rescue  team arrived and the fire service was told to stop directing water at flames in case  trapped survivors  drowned – presumably it was okay if they fried instead.    All this testimony is taking place in the full glare of publicity and the accusing eyes of those who lost family in the disaster.

This morning’s news capped it all when the nation learned that a construction manager was prevented from calling in heavy equipment to move debris until an OSH (Occupational Health and Safety) assessment had been done.

Nobody would deny that OSH is a good idea.   After all no-on goes  to work to be killed and a tiny minority of companies are careless over employee safety.      However, in an emergency when haste is essential to save people a little common sense should trump bureaucracy.


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