Elephant Enunciation……..

Reuters has a report about a real live talking elephant in a zoo in Korea.

I am not at all surprised. Elephants are reputed to be highly intelligent and to have good memories so of course Koshik has always understood everything that has been said to him.    Just like I do.

I think I’ll spend the rest of the day practising “More salmon please” so I can be the first speaking cat.


4 thoughts on “Elephant Enunciation……..

  1. I am sure that cats can understand every word we speak, it is just they don’t wish to respond to us. When you do, we will obey as usual.

    • Kara and now Sammy (Rescue kitty) are safe just outside of Chicago. But many slaves have no food or water for their Masters. And many Masters have lost their slaves and/or their homes.

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