Time Truth is Told (Again) at Pike River………

The revenge seeking Pike  River families have found a pro bono mining safety expert who will study and opine upon the report of the Commission of Inquiry into the loss of 29 lives at the mine.     Coupled with renewed calls for a change of law to enable criminal prosecution of companies their directors and executives should health and safety standards be breached,  we have a recipe  for endless litigation (which won’t be pro bono) and many opportunities for that grand old sport of witch hunting.

I’ve said it before but I’ll bore you again.    The real culprit in the Pike River mine disaster was the Green movement whose supporters argued against an open cast, and arguably safer, mine site claiming that the installation of  ventilation shafts would damage native forest.

To put it bluntly.    It may be that the companies employing the dead miners have blood on their hands but so do the greens.


2 thoughts on “Time Truth is Told (Again) at Pike River………

  1. How about we take the members of the Green movement, dig a big pit, throw them in and cover them in used kitty litter. Or is that too good for them.

  2. Far too good for them. Kitty litter is sweet and clean. How about a pit of dog poop?
    The MSM are chewing over the report on the mine explosion and blaming the lack of safety regulation on the Ministers for Mines of the last 20 years. Not a squeak about the fact that the Greens insisted there only be one ventilation shaft rather than the three originally proposed!
    Have just heard that another big storm is brewing off the southern states and hope it doesn’t head north and make landfall near you.

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