6 thoughts on “Grrrr……….

  1. What happened to you Pompy! is that you or another feline? did you jump into the marshes by mistake ? are you/him/her better now ? please let me know, three cats her at my house are sending all the love and support to you… bye, Vera with Paladin, Khali’, and Shadow of the Moon.

    • Hi Veraersilia, Paladin, Khali and Shadow of the Moon, Thank you for your kind thoughts. Fortunately for me the cat is a painting, Silence Dwells in Blue Rooms by Martin Eder, a contemporary German painter who describes his work as “battle scenes…filled with murder…” Silence is in a private collection but when I stumbled upon him by chance I thought I would give him an airing and I clumsily posted him without an attribution. He’s an arresting sight isn’t he.

  2. Thanks to the Great Cat. I thought you were hit by a mud ball. That you are your adorable self is reassuring. Although I did laugh when I saw that picture.

  3. In that case Pommy the picture shocks me because somebody – probably the “artist’ – must have quite mistreated a cat to reduce him or her in that condition. I do not think that it is funny at all, but should be reported to the animal welfare organization. Hopefully it is some cyber photo-shop concoction – and in bad taste even then.

    • I’m sorry you feel shocked because I don’t think Silence has been mistreated at all. He’s a Bad Cat (they exist) and he’s been having fun doing something sinister whilst taking a stroll on the dark side. If you look at his eyes you can see he’s plotting revenge……..
      It worries me that the grubbiness is the exact colour of cow pat. How will he manage to lick himself clean?

      • Dumped into a cow patty means a trip to the groomers. Hot bath, decent shampoo, the works. But first the photo.

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